Geometricism is the website for David Wade - Sculptor, Graphic Artist, Photographer and Author. This is a platform for some of the work that I have produced over the last decade or so, but it is also intended to present my long-held fascination with the general subject of the role of Geometry in Art, and to (gently) proselytize for it. Overall, the sculpture and graphic work shown here is presented without a great deal of explanation or attribution. This is deliberate, as far as my own work is concerned - I feel that this art should really speak for itself and not be encumbered with long-winded interpretations. For similar reasons I generally prefer to leave it untitled. For me, these images and constructs just are; their constrained, geometric formalism, whether 2D or 3D, either appeal, or do not. One does not usually expect explanations or interpretations of decorative pattern, & the same applies to the graphics and geometric structures presented here.

It will be noticed that there are images that represent some of my other preoccupations over the years, namely mineral Micro-photography, Marblings, and the category that I refer to as ‘Fluid Geometry’(which includes graphics based on non-linear dynamics, diffusion models, spiral-chaos patterns etc.). There are also various images originally used as book illustrations.

copyright transfer scheme

The copyright on all of the Art/Graphics shown on this website are available at a reasonable price ($200 - $500). This would enable the purchaser to use the chosen image for whatever purpose they require, in any quantity they want. If a particular image takes your fancy, for instance, you could make thousands of digital prints, T-shirts or any other application, for ever. The buyer would be sent a high-res file of the selected image and would have full reproduction rights - and the image would be removed from the geometricism.com Gallery

To find out more about this scheme, including prices of all images, enquire via the Contact Box.