Crystal & Dragon

The Cosmic Dance of Symmetry & Chaos in Nature, Art & Consciousness

Green Books, (Destiny Books in U.S.), 1993 (still in print in 2016!)

We live in a world of necessary dualities: light and darkness, reason and romance, order and chaos. From Plato’s conception of the ideal form and the ancient Taoist philosophy of change to the modern scientific view of structure and indeterminacy as embodied in the laws of physics, this book shows how these dualities can be alternately characterised in terms of the rigidly structured and ordered ‘crystal’, and the flowing and mutable ‘dragon’. It also investigates how changing perceptions about the nature of the universe have informed the art of their times: the form and fluidity of primitive art, the crystalline order of Islamic patterns, and the subtlety and vitality of Chinese landscapes and calligraphy.

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